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Crystals can be very different, but the most popular and sought after are boho style crystals. Dishes made of this material have long been considered one of the best, and are a direct indicator of the refined taste of the owners. Nowadays, just like hundreds of years ago, Czech glass is in great demand among people. Such dishes will perfectly decorate your interior, giving it a touch of luxury and nobility. You can buy quality products on the website.

Glass carving was not possible until the 17th century. The craftsmen used Venetian glass. The Italians adopted the production secrets of the Byzantines.
Oriental glass was brought to Rome from Constantinople in the 13th century. Byzantine glassblowers only revealed their secrets after they took over their country. The Crusades took place in 1204.

Due to the prevalence of fakes of elegant products, there are enough of them even in Prague.

Distinctive features of real Czech glass are:

Surface Finish: no crack buildup, no debris;
Ideal purity, absence of turbidity and inclusions;
Light with high refraction, iridescent highlights;
the presence of thin «seams» (only at the junction of glass and legs);
loud melody;
The edge will never hurt your fingers and stays sharp.
Light vibration, long beep: The original product beeps for at least four seconds;
Traces on the bottom of the glass blower’s tube.
Bohemian crystal: the secret of authenticity

How to identify original crystalware

The crystal details of the chandelier must be transparent and free from defects such as bubbles, scratches, streaks, etc. They should glow like a rainbow. If all you see is a dull sheen, you have a piece of glass in front of you.
Real crystal «sings» wonderfully. Rub the crystal pendant with a wet finger or lightly tap it with a hard object — it will make a long melody. The glass just makes a dry sound.
Hold the crystal element in your hand: real crystal does not heat up for a long time, and glass heats up quickly.
Never buy crystal products in the markets or in stores with a dubious reputation. It is best to deal with branded salons and stores where qualified sellers guarantee the quality of their items.
Bohemian crystal is more than a sign of refined interior design and good taste. Buying a chandelier is an investment in a beautiful item with centuries of tradition.